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About Linda

A lifelong appreciation of the wonders and beauty of nature began an ever-changing interest in various art forms for Linda Stryker. Having spent many summers with her aunt and uncle at their New Jersey shore beach house, Linda marveled at the beautiful designs and textures found on seashells and driftwood scattered on the beach. Her aunt, formerly an art teacher, was her artistic mentor and inspiration.

Beginning in her early teens, Linda’s passion for color and design created two artistic interests in different mediums. She designed and sewed her own clothing. She found great joy in locating different and unusual fabrics and then piecing non-related patterns together to create a totally different look. During this same time period, Linda also enjoyed painting geometric designs on canvas and later began creating collages cut from different shapes of paper.

A native of north-central New Jersey, Linda and her husband, Charles, relocated to Southern California in 1994. It was here that she discovered an intriguing art form, practically unknown on the East Coast at the time, which would bring together her artistic interests and skills. The canvas this time for her creative output was a hard-shell gourd. Simple and beautiful in its natural state, Linda envisioned endless possibilities in working with this interesting gift from nature.

Linda enrolled in class after class focusing on various gourd-art techniques, in order to turn these wonders of nature into exquisite art forms. By respecting the size, shape, and natural markings of a gourd, artistic techniques and enhancements used on a gourd bring out all of its beauty.

When creating a piece of gourd art, Linda frequently uses dramatic design cuts, various carving techniques, wood burning to make the design permanent, stone and bead inserts, and pine-needle edging. As an avid world traveler, she delights in acquiring beads and unusual objects to be used as handles for her creations. Not only is an individual purchasing a fine piece of Californian art work, but often acquiring a jewel treasure from another country.

Linda’s works have sold in prestigious galleries on both the East and West coasts. From the past through to the present, Linda’s appreciation of nature inspires her creative art form, which continues to be original and imaginative.

Education and Memberships:

- B.S. in Edu., Montclair State University, NJ
- California Gourd Society
- San Diego County Gourd Artists
- Art Center, Fallbrook, CA
- St. Augustine Art Assn., St. Augustine, FL
- Misti Washington Gourd and Basket Guild
- San Diego Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, CA

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